About Us

Why We Do It

To achieve our objectives which are:

By personal services to provide a link between Clatterbridge Hospitals and the public they serve.

To foster the interest of the public in the patients and in the work of Clatterbridge Hospitals.

To provide funds for the provision of amenities and other services which are either best provided by voluntary effort or for which public funds are not available.

How We Do It

We raise money in a variety of ways from organising a monthly lottery to regular collections and bag packs at supermarkets across the Wirral.  We put on a range of fundraising events and produce our own Christmas cards each year.  Through our volunteering efforts, charitable donations and legacies, we aim to make a real difference to Clatterbridge Hospitals.

We also run a monthly lottery, organise regular supermarket collections & bag packs, put on a range of social events, and provide support through volunteering, charitable donations & legacies.

How You Can Help

Join The Monthly Lottery

Purchase Tickets for Upcoming Events

Make a Donation in Memory

Become a Volunteer

Purchase Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Sales - £3.00 per pack of 10 cards, choose from the designs below available to purchase all year

  1.Wise Men       2. Santa             3.Robin


4.Rudolph           5. Kids            6. Kings            7. Partridge